Monthly Artisan Wine Trail Events


Every month there is a new theme of art related events shared by the Brandywine Artisan Wine Trail. To see what is coming up and which winery is participating, just click the photo image and check it out!
















January 2016
The Art of Writing
From book-signings, blog how-to's, Writer Plein Air Workshops, to poetry readings
May 2016
The Art of Chester County
The Trail celebrates the art of Chester County throughout the month of May, with wines specials during The Chester County Studio Tour May 21 & 22,
pop -up art shows, local gallery partnerships and promotions.. from Northern to Southern Chester County, art and wine come together to make May a month to celebrate!
February 2016
The Art of the Valentine
Chocolate pairings, Valentine making, Heart sculptures and more..very winery has a different take on the art of the Valentine.. paired with wine!
March 2016
The Art of Photography
Photography art shows, Photographer's forum and discussion, group shows and solo many great photographers in Chester County!
May 2016
The Art of Chester County
The Chester County Studio with 100 Chester County Artists showing over the weekend is a big deal! This month the wineries highlight some of the great artists on the tour!
July 2016
The Art of America in the Brandywine Valley
This month wineries tie in with one of the many art associations and organizations in the area to present art from the area.
September 2015
The Art of Sculpture

Wineries along the trail highlight local sculptures in their tasting rooms. Just tap the photograph and you will see a listing of the artists and the winery locations. 

November 2015
The Art of Thanksgiving- Ceramics
Showcasing the work of local ceramic artisans 
April 2016
The Art of Spring
Earth Day Upcycling and Recycling art projects, spring plants and planting demonstrations, and flowers for sale to bring in the Spring!
June 2016
The Art of Music
Featuring Chester County music performances, folk, rock, symphonic!
August 2015
The Art of Painting

In August, many winery tasting rooms become mini-galleries for the exhibition of local paintings.join us for wine and art!

October 2015
The Art of the Harvest- Food
Celebrating the art of local Artisan food
and link to the N.C Wyeth exhibition with a trail card collection activity.
December 2015
The Art of the Giving
Art & Artisanal Holiday Shows, Fairs & more at 8 of the Trail winery locations